Founded in August 2009, in Nanjing, China, Concord Pharmatech is a DMPK outsourcing company. Our services include GLP bioanalytical support for small and macro molecule, toxicokinetics, in vivo pharmacokinetics and in vitro P450 screening. With the strategic partnership, we can provide services on PK/PD, toxicology study, formulation support, biomarker discovery and confirmation. Our mission is to support our clients to generate highest quality data and bring their drugs to market as quick and as cost effective as possible. Our vision is to be the leading global GLP DMPK outsourcing company to serve global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.


Analytical Services on Biologics

We specifies in two major technology fields to cater your needs in biologics drug research and development: ELISA and mass spec-based technologies.

Pre-clinical Study Services

·       Discovery PK in rodents, beagle dogs and non-human primates
·        Bioanalytical method development by LC-MS/MS and ELISA
·        GLP method validation and sample analysis (LC-MS/MS, ELISA)
·        GLP Toxicokinetics study
·        In-vitro P450 induction and inhibition & Formulation selection study
.        Full DMPK package for SFDA NDA submission

Clinical Study Services

• Clinical pharmacokinetics/sample analysis
• DDI study sample analysis
• Biomarker analysis by LC-MS/MS or ELISA

Project Management/Consulting Services

• PK/PD study
• Toxicology study
• Biomarker Discovery and Confirmation
• QA/GLP training and computer system validation